About Our Organization

We are a certified student organization, we dedicate ourselves to the advancement of computing as a science and a profession.


The goal of our organization is to promote and expand student's understanding of computer machinery and help these students develop skills that will be useful in their professional and daily lives.


The Kennesaw State University Association of Computing Machinery is an organization that is all about computers and the people who use them. The goal of our organization is to promote and expand student's understanding of computers and help these students develop in their chosen field. To do this, the KSU ACM promotes projects, research, and competitions to develop students' skill and build their resumes. We host lectures and talk to help introduce students to not only new developments in computing, but also new developments in old systems.
At the same time, the KSU ACM strives to build a community and does so by hosting a variety of social events to encourage friendship and camaraderie. We believe camarderie is as important as it is for students to understand the inner workings of the computer, they need to have an idea of the inner workings of the people using them. By socializing with others, we feel that people can understand not only how to make a good computer program but how to make a program that people can actually use.


President: Alex Veselinovic

Alex Veselinovic


Alex is a Junior Computer Science student, with a minor in Computer Game Design and Development at Kennesaw State University. He works for the College of Computing and Software Engineering as a Teaching Assistant, tutoring students the fundamentals of computer hardware and low level languages such as Assembly, as well as languages like Java and C++. He devotes some personal time to teaching himself other languages and working on small projects, but much of that time he fills with video games. This is his first year in ACM and his first year being an officer. Alex plans on continuing to be a contributing member of ACM.

Email: aveseli1@students.kennesaw.edu

Vice President: William Parish

William Parish

Vice President

William is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. Alongside being the Vice-president of ACM he is also part Director of Finance and Administration for RHA and the Senator for the Honors College for SGA. He also works at LAZ Parking on campus. With being so active in so many different things, he has very little downtime, but the downtime that he does have, he likes to play random video games. Some of his favorites include Dungeon Defenders, Gauntlet, and Burnout Paradise. He also devotes part of his day to learning something new, whether it is a new programming language, or learning a Computer Science topic. This is Will’s second year in ACM, but his first year being an officer of ACM. He plans to do his best to better the club for everyone involved.

Email: wparish@students.kennesaw.edu

Treasurer: Alex Federico

Alex Federico


Alexander Federico is a senior majoring in Software Engineering at Kennesaw State University. He hopes to contribute as much of his time to ACM and to meet many people during the school year. He works as a TA (Teaching assistant) for the Computer Science department, helping students get to know Java. He also enjoys community service, sports, and anime.

Email: afederi1@students.kennesaw.edu

Secretary: Christian Brutofsky

Christian Brutofsky


Christian Brutofsky is currently a Junior pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics, where he attained his love for technology. He currently holds an Internship position at Coca-Cola as a Software Developer and Database Administrator. His experience encompasses knowledge in Java, C++, SQL, Java-script, C#, HTML 5, and CSS. Christian also has knowledge in Kali Linux, and participated in various programming competitions including KPC and ICPC. After previously holding a TA position for the School of Computer Science, where he mentored young students; he looks to continue mentoring as students come through the ACM and IEEE groups. Meanwhile, assisting in the web development process, and the growth of both clubs to fully functional entities for years to come.

Email: cbrutof1@students.kennesaw.edu

Social Coordinator: Taylor Nicole Blasingame

Taylor Nicole Blasingame

Social Coordinator

Taylor Blasingame is a senior pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science. She currently has an internship with Logiware, and is helping to improve the company. She previously held a position at Office Depot as a Sales Consultant, Cashier, and Customer Service Associate. She has experience with programming in Java, C++, SQL, HTML, and CSS. She has recently been involved in Community Council as the Director of Finance and was also involved in Emerging Fellows. Being in both of these groups has allowed her to be able to show leadership, and an initiative in planning and creating social events for other students. She is also a founding member of Object-Oriented Owls, where many women involved in Computer Science get together to network and help each other out with projects. These qualities will benefit her as the Social Coordinator of ACM.

Email: tblasing@students.kennesaw.edu

Website Administrator: Dusty Davidson

Dusty Davidson

Website Administrator & Website Designer

Dusty is a senior at Kennesaw State University in the Computer Science Department. Dusty is currently working as a Mobile Application Developer for the MadLab (Mobile Application Development Lab) at Kennesaw State University. Dusty enjoys all types of Website and Software Development and is eager to learn more everyday in the field of Computing. Dusty hopes to one day own a Computer Company that helps enrich everyone's lives. Dusty also researches Quantum Computing Software and Quantum Processing techniques which are developing at a rapid pace. Beyond all that Dusty is first and foremost a loving father to his three year old daughter Liliana Davidson and a loving husband to his beautiful wife Kaleigh Davidson. If you wish to know more please contact Dusty at the email listed below.

Email: jdavid16@students.kennesaw.edu

Comeptition Coordinator: Victor Sahin

Victor Sahin

Competition Coordinator

Victor is a third year Computer Science major with a minor in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis with interests in AI, Computational Neuroscience and Data Science in general. Vitor works as a TA for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and is involved in various student organizations, in an attempt to diversify.

Email: usahin@students.kennesaw.edu

Programming Competation Oficer: Mizzani Ryle Walker-Holmes

Mizzani Ryle Walker-Holmes

Programming Competition Officer

Mizzani Walker-Holmes is a proud junior at Kennesaw State University, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a scientific scholar. As a computer science undergraduate, active community leader, global humanitarian and honor student, Mizzani is dedicated to combining her scholastic knowledge, professional experience, and unwavering passion into creating an inspiring force to help transform the world, encourage innovation and revolutionize the future of computing. Mizzani has had the pleasure of working with innovative companies such as Lockheed Martin, Cox Enterprises, and NASA serving as an adjunct professor, lead student IT specialist, and software development intern. In the future she hopes to utilize all her skills in multiple facilities, working in the healthcare IT field, CGI programming in the film industry and ultimately starting a tech company of her own. Mizzani looks forward to a wonderful learning experience being able to continue the legacy of excellence and educational achievement atoned by the College of Computing & Software Engineering.

Email: mwalkerh@students.kennesaw.edu

Senator/Student Government Association: Deja Tyla Jackson

Deja Tyla Jackson

Senator/Student Government Association

Deja Tyla Jackson is an undergraduate at Kennesaw State University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. After receiving the National Center for Women in Technology Georgia award in 2015, she has been inspired to help and foster interest in computing within others; therefore has immersed herself in a variety of leadership positions including Student Government Senator for the College of Computing, and Vice-President of Object-Oriented Owls, a program designed to support women in computing. She has also been active in numerous research opportunities including the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation and the Georgia Tech Undergraduate research program, both funded by the NSF. Upon graduation, Deja hopes to use her experience and knowledge to land a career in cyber security within the private sector.

Email: djack133@students.kennesaw.edu

Project Manager: Trisha Smith

Trisha Smith

Project Manager

Trisha Smith is a fourth year student majoring in Information Technology. She works for Georgia Tech’s School of Engineering, coordinating events and managing logistics for her department. She has many interests, but nothing gets her excited like a quiet evening painting, or seeing the sunrise while on an early-morning jog. This is her first year as an officer for ACM, and she is looking forward to how she can contribute to the Association.

Email: tsmit517@students.kennesaw.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah M. North

Dr. Sarah M. North

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sarah M. North is a faculty member of the Computer Science Department at Kennesaw State University. Dr. North has been teaching, conducting research, and providing community service for the ACM Student Chapter in a field of Computing for over two decades at higher education institutions. Dr. North's research focuses on Information Security Assurances, Educational Technology and Leadership with a concentration in Cognitive Science, and Human Computer Interaction. In addition, She has been a research mentor of the ACM students for over two decades in prior institutions. Dr. North has been given funds from from the Boeing Company, National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) to support outreach and K-12 educational programs in support of the community for many years. Currently, Dr.North is providing service to the KSU ACM Student Chapter as a faculty mentor/advisor to solicit and mentor the ACM's student officers in their quest to involve KSU students in ACM activities.

Email: snorth@kennesaw.edu