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We are proud to be a member of the Southeastern Programming Competition Committee. We sponsor multiple teams which work together to develop their own unique programs and applications to showcase in programming competitions such as the Intercollegiate Programming Competition (ICPC), the Southeastern Collegiate Programming Competition (SECPC), and our very own sponsored Kennesaw Programming Competitions (KPC). We believe these competitions make for an excellent platform for students in the Computer Science Department to showcase their unique abilities.

Competitions of Kennesaw ACM


Events of Kennesaw ACM

Throughout the year we help with the development of many projects ranging anywhere from Mobile Application Development to Embedded Systems Development. The main emphasis of these projects is to develop programming which will help the world of computing. This is where your dreams can become a possibility. Join Us to help in continuing the development of the future.


Kennesaw's ACM is a proud sponsor of many events throughout each semester. We host many social events for students to have a chance to relax and enjoy coding and the computing lifestyle with others who have an interest in what we do. We also hold workshops which feature volunteer students who present a topic of interest to further educate their peers in all areas of Computer Science. Throughout the year we also host guest speakers from companies or educational facilities all over the globe. These lectures are a way to get KSU's Computer Science Department students interested in new and developing technology, as well as, networking opportunities to get their names out there. We take an active approach in preparing students for a lifetime of Computing outside of Kennesaw's halls.

Events of Kennesaw ACM


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