We are a certified student organization, we dedicate ourselves to the advancement of computing as a science and a profession.





The goal of our organization is to promote and expand student's understanding of computer machinery and help these students develop skills that will be useful in their professional and daily lives.





The Kennesaw State University Association of Computing Machinery is an organization that is all about computers and the people who use them. The goal of our organization is to promote and expand student's understanding of computers and help these students develop in their chosen field. To do this, the KSU ACM promotes projects, research, and competitions to develop students' skill and build their resumes. We host lectures and talk to help introduce students to not only new developments in computing, but also new developments in old systems.
At the same time, the KSU ACM strives to build a community and does so by hosting a variety of social events to encourage friendship and camaraderie. We believe camarderie is as important as it is for students to understand the inner workings of the computer, they need to have an idea of the inner workings of the people using them. By socializing with others, we feel that people can understand not only how to make a good computer program but how to make a program that people can actually use.






William Parish


William Parish is a Junior in his last year of college. He is majoring in Computer Science. Alongside being the president of ACM he is taking 18 credit hours and working part time at Bridge2 Solutions. With the very little time he has, outside of class and work, he works on multiple side projects and companies.

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David McFall

Vice-President / Webmaster


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Christian Brutofsky


Christian Brutofsky is currently a Senior pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics, where he attained his love for technology. He currently holds a full position at Cox Communications as a Software Engineer for the DevOps team. His experience encompasses knowledge in Java, C++, Python, SQL, MySQL, C#, HTML 5, and CSS. Christian also has knowledge in Linux, and participated in various programming competitions including KPC and ICPC. After previously interning at both Coca-Cola and Cox Automotive; he looks to mentor young students that are coming through ACM. Meanwhile, leading projects outside of his class for ACM, pursuing additional ventures outside of work and school, providing general help to our members, and growing the club for future generations.

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Trisha Smith

Project Manager

Trish is a BSIT student at KSU, anticipating graduation in 2018. As a commuting student, she works full-time at Georgia Tech, and attends classes full-time at KSU’s Marietta campus. Trish has a unique blend of skills due to her professional experience and academic background, including project planning/management using Agile methodology, budgeting, resource management, and team leadership. In her free time, Trish does volunteer design work, and leads a weekly women’s running club based in Smyrna.

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Nick Wilson


My name is Nick Wilson, I'm currently a senior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Computer Science. My current focuses are in database administration and an inkling of cyber security, with a strong background in prior leadership experience and volunteer activities. These roles have ranged from volunteering in youth ministry over the past few years to a supervising position with the Commissary Warehouse at Suntrust Park. I look forward to a productive year with ACM.

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