IoT Research Group Logo

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Lab (AILAB)! We are a team of researchers, engineers, and students dedicated to advancing the field of AI.

We focus our research on several key areas:

Natural language processing

Developing algorithms that can understand, interpret, and generate human language. Projects include chatbots, machine translation, and text summarization.

Computer vision

Enabling machines to see, identify, and process visual information. We build systems for image classification, object detection, and more.

Machine learning

Inventing new machine learning techniques and optimizing ML models. We create innovative neural network architectures, reinforcement learning algorithms, and other advances in AI.

At our lab, students work closely with faculty advisors and staff on cutting-edge research. We aim to foster collaboration and multidisciplinary projects. Our researchers have published widely in top AI conferences and journals. We also emphasize ethics and safety in our AI pursuits. As our systems grow more powerful, we ensure they align with human values and avoid potential risks. Education is another priority, as we train the next generation AI experts.

Our ambitious goals require intense creativity and continuous discovery. We invite you to learn more about our current research projects and people. Please explore our website or reach out if you would like to collaborate! We look forward to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence together.